Junior in Space - Mayday!

“Mayday! Mayday!”, the young astronaut yelled with worry.
Something had gone wrong with the Extraordinary Space Ship: Ch0pp3r! It was shaking around like crazy. He had experienced turbulence before. Heck, it was part of the training! But this could not have been normal.

Junior - The AstronautThe head astronaut tightened his grip on the walkie-talkie that connected back to earth. He normally used it to call friends. Like the Head of Space Operations, Sven, or his not-senior-astronaut-anymore Randy. The young astronaut considered Randy a friend and not a superior anymore. That's because he wasn't a cadet anymore!
He also spoke a lot to the Head of Spacesuit Fashion, Shelly. She was always quite mean to him, but he didn’t mind. He was strong enough to ignore the things she didn't mean, and she never had much meaningful to say. He learned that from Sven! Well… the first part. That last part he added himself.

“Head of the ESS Chopper here, looking for assistance!”, he spoke into the space walkie-talkie. “There's turbulence. I don’t think it’s supposed to be like that!”

Not a second later, somebody with a voice, slightly deeper than the astronaut's, replied quickly. “Mister Junior, sir, there seems to be a liquid spillage!"

Walkie Talkie"Thank you Junior-On-Earth," replied astronaut Junior-In-Space, "I'm gonna take a look!"

Junior (the one in space) hurried away from the station. He looked at the map on his space tablet, one bit at the left was blinking bright red! Oh no, that was the fridge bit!

Junior has never been faster in life. If he didn't get to the fridge bit in time, life would be disastrous! Absolutely horrible. How would you be able to live without your fruit pouches, fruit juices, and fruit yogurts?
Also, if the leakage is in the fridge bit, it's probably also damaging the reactor bit. But none of that really mattered to Junior. His fruits were in danger.

When he entered the room, he encountered horror. The fridge was slightly open, the cool breeze of the machine passed him, or maybe it was the horror that gave him chills.
A light yellow pool spread wider at the bottom of the fridge.

Leaking Apple Juice DrinkOh no…

His apple juice! All his apple juice drinks were lying on the floor, the packages left to die an excruciating death on the wet floor. Their edges had bite marks, tiny little nibbles. Somebody must have left those behind, while murdering Junior’s beverages!
At that moment in time, Junior promised himself that he wouldn't sleep until he found the culprit. Then again, it was getting past his bedtime…

The loud closing of the fridge reminded him of the heavy turbulence he had ignored until now. The astronaut quickly grabbed a towel and tried to wipe the reactor dry. Even when the towel got all sticky and yuck, the turbulence did not stop! He was about to give up. The ESS Ch0pp3r was gonna explode, and Junior was gonna explode with it.

Then, like a knight in shining armor, he heard his walkie-talkie go off! This was gonna save him, and maybe all of his fruits too!

“Astronaut Junior! You’ll have to get out of there, we’ll take care of that mess!”, the voice spoke. It was Space Captain Sven! He always came to help in the trickiest and stickiest of situations.

Exploding Spaceship“Thank you”, Spaceman Junior answered, “Roger!”

He rushed out of the spaceship with his super cool suit and helmet on and drifted out to space. He stayed there for a second, drifting farther and farther. Then, BOOM! The Ch0pp3r went up in flames. The blast of it sent a ripple through space. It blew Junior even further away from the spaceship. But it also blew him closer to earth.

It didn’t take long for him to reach our planet. He splashed into the ocean near a beach. Lucky landing! When he crawled out of the ocean, he saw people on the beach. No way!? Were that… Sven, Randy, and Shelly?

At last, Astronaut Junior was reunited with his space team again. And they lived a happy beach day ever after.


Junior floating in the sea

Written by: Riley van Westen
Illustrations by: Friky
Copyright: © 2024 Regular Labs