Here you can find the latest development releases for the Regular Labs extensions.

The pro versions are only available for you if you have a valid subscription for them.

These versions may still contain broken code and untested features.
So please install these on a test environment first.

Installing the development versions on your live website is at your own risk.

PS: If you cannot find the development version you are looking for, then the stable version has probably already been released.

Free Pro Advanced Module Manager v9.0.0-dev2232791 4 hours ago
Free Pro Articles Anywhere v12.0.1-dev2223790 18 Jan 02:57 CEST
Free Pro Cache Cleaner v8.0.2-dev2222350 16 Jan 10:57 CEST
Free Pro DB Replacer v7.1.2-dev2222350 16 Jan 10:57 CEST
Free GeoIP v5.0.0-dev2232791 4 hours ago
Free Pro IP Login v5.0.2-dev2222350 16 Jan 10:58 CEST
Free Pro Modals v11.9.6-dev2222350 16 Jan 10:58 CEST
Free Pro Quick Index v3.1.1-dev2222350 16 Jan 10:58 CEST
Free Pro ReReplacer v12.1.1-dev2232299 18 hours ago
Free Pro Snippets v8.1.2-dev2223789 18 Jan 02:55 CEST
Free Pro Sourcerer v9.0.4-dev2222351 16 Jan 10:59 CEST
Free Pro What? Nothing! v16.0.1-dev2222351 16 Jan 10:59 CEST