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Compatible with: Joomla 3 Joomla 4 & 5

Catchy title.

Create predefined reusable content templates for your Joomla articles, and much more.

And Content Templater goes much further than just the content. You can also make entire page layouts, and automatically set/change any available option in the article edit form, like the Category or Title of an article, and even Custom Fields.

  • Have a text snippet or a sentence you use often? Prepare it once, then simply insert it in articles with one click.
  • Instantly assign a predefined set of options to your article.
  • Pre-fill any article field with a predefined set of values, including custom fields.
  • Make completely custom page layouts, with any HTML code or style you need, that you can quickly re-use any time you want.
  • Use it in combination with Articles Anywhere (which allows you to place any article data anywhere) and literally create your own custom article layout, without the need of coding a template override and without needing to know any PHP.


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Pro features

  • All features available in the free version, plus:
  • Set all Content Settings
  • Custom Fields
  • Auto Load templates
  • Load by URL
  • Publishing Assignments
  • Dynamic Data Tags


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  • Create unlimited templates
  • Set main Content Settings
  • Editor Button
  • Categorize Templates