Their Stories

Junior in Space - Mayday!

"Mayday! Mayday!", the young astronaut yelled with worry.
Something had gone wrong with the Extraordinary Space Ship: Ch0pp3r! It was shaking around like crazy. He had experienced turbulence before. Heck, it was part of the training! But this could not have been normal...

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Shelly's beach time: Fashion Shoot

The sun was high in the sky, lighting up the ocean waves as they crashed against the shore. The heat was just right! The angle was just right as well, aligning perfectly with Shelly’s tanning blanket, giving her the most perfect tan.

Not much could go wrong on a trip... could it?

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Sandcastle competition, 4th of August



  • Sun: hot, exceeding expectations
  • Water: wet, earlier hypothesis proved
  • Headache: absent (for now)
  • Sunscreen: applied, thickly
  • Mentality: stable, ready for fun!

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Spontaneous Beach Trip

Today we decided to head to the beach. It was not planned before. Yesterday Shelly came with the idea, and the other two quickly lashed on...

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The Scorching Desert

Once upon a time, in a land of golden dunes, a hero travelled. Through the endless seas of sand grains he marched with unwavering determination. But be wary, dear reader, as he is no ordinary hero...

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