Sven is the founder and frontman of Regular Labs.

Prior to Regular Labs, he was a scientist working on biological and genetic engineering. After meeting the three chicklings, he decided to settle down and work on something he could do from home.

Regular Labs has now become a vital part of his daily routine. It has been keeping him and his family busy for a year now, and they’ve discovered a whole lot because of it. Sven treasures all the adventures they have had together.

Besides being in charge of the family, he is also in charge of keeping the whole process running smoothly. He finds something odd, Randy solves it, Shelly designs it, and Junior… Well, he’s fun to have around.

Sven cares deeply for his family and the little company they have built together.
But despite the intention of starting something regular, you can’t deny that their little lab is still a little strange.

Sven's stories