Randy is the head programmer and analyst for Regular Labs.

From a young age, he had an interest in solving problems. This motivates him to write code from dusk ‘till dawn. He has always been analyzing problems and situations, he even logs these analyzes in his trustworthy notepad.

Randy is the backbone of Regular Labs. Though his actions may often be underestimated by the team, without his coding and logging, Regular Labs would not be as far as they are now. Sure, the rest of the crew does important stuff too, but Randy’s stuff is most important.

Randy is a young augmented chicken who works best in tidy spaces. You can find many innovative devices in his workplace. Such as his 8x8 Rubik’s cube, which is not as complicated as it looks. He also has multiple completed lego builds, some of them he made up himself!

He is very proud of this company and its team. Despite the fact that the rest often slacks off compared to him, he is proud of them nonetheless. He gives Regular Labs his all and will continue to do so!

Randy's stories