There is no Joomla 4+ version of Tabs.
However you can use Tabs & Accordions for Joomla 4+.


Make content tabs in Joomla!

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Compatible with: Joomla 3

Make content tabs anywhere in Joomla!

You can easily make content tabs within articles, inside modules, or even 3rd party components and template overrides.

  • Create tabs virtually anywhere you can enter text.
  • Full control over the way the tabs are styled.
  • Handy editor button popup window to easily place the Tabs tag block.


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Pro features

  • All features available in the free version, plus:
  • Positioning of handles
  • Hover Mode
  • Slideshow Mode
  • Scroll to active
  • Access restriction
  • Use cookies
  • Alternative mobile view


Free, forever
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  • Create beautiful tabs
  • Many styling options
  • Fully stylable through CSS
  • Alignment of handles
  • Editor Button
  • Click Mode
  • Link to Tabs
  • Much more