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  • Create beautiful tabs
    • You can create tabs virtually anywhere you can enter text. So also in modules and other components.
  • Many styling options
    • Tabs is packed with ready-to-use styling options.
  • Fully stylable through CSS
    • For full control over the way the tabs are styled, you can use CSS. All Tabs elements have sufficient class names to style it any way you want.
  • Alignment of handles
    • Ability to align the tabs to the left, right, center, or justify them.
  • Editor Button
    • Handy editor button popup window to easily place the Tabs tag block.
  • Click Mode
    • Ability to make tabs open on mouse-click on tab title.
  • Link to Tabs
    • You can link to tabs with a URL hash tag or a URL tab variable.
  • Much more
    • Tabs comes packed with many more features and options!

Free services

  • Free downloads & updates
    • Get unlimited access to the Free downloads and updates.
  • Install on multiple domains
    • You can install the extension on any domain you want. No limitations. No domain checks.
  • No support
    • To get support you will need to buy the Pro version.
  • Open Source code
    • The code is open source (GPL), meaning there is no form of code encryption. No use of Zend Guard or ionCube.
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