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DATE_FORMAT_xx definition for custom fields date display ?

Kent Morrison's Avatar Kent Morrison
I am using the Content Templater PRO very successfully at this site:

THese two events that are displayed here were created with two different methods.

Conroe Rides Day April 9 - was created manually in the Joomla Article editor.

Houston Wing Warbird Weekend April 30 was created using our NEW Content Template methods, IT IS SO COOL !

Please notice that the event dates are displayed in differnt formats.

I have created AT LEAST 8 different language overrides to try to change the date display format


I am unable to find the correct CONSTANT for the DATE_FORMAT_xx that is used here and in the detail page:

I know that this is a combination of methods and tough for an outsider to troubleshoot, but I have spent MANY HOURS trying to find the correct date_format constant to change, and I just cannot find it.

Can you please just give me a few clues about how to figure out where the definition of this display format might be ?

EXAMPLE: the user first sets the category, then goes to the FIELDS tab and enters the main data there, then SAVES and goes back to the COntent tab to LOAD The template.

It works GREAT !

Except for this date format issue.

THANK YOU for your time, and for your great Joomla extensions !

Kent Morrison - loyal customer
Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen ADMIN
I am not sure what this has to do with Content Templater...
Are you using the CT [[date]] Data tag to insert the date?
What has the DATE_FORMAT_xx got to do with Content Templater?
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Kent Morrison's Avatar Kent Morrison
I am using Regular Labs COntent Templater to create Event articles from snippets and templated code combined with Joomla custom fields that are entered by the user, and then they get absorbed into the content when they apply the template.

ALL of the items that the event article requires are provided by these Joomla custom fields.
They are incorporated into the event article properly, but the DATE FORMAT of these calendar dates is some euro format.
ALL I WANT is to present these dates in the DAY NAME - mm-dd-yyyy format.
I have spent HOURS trying to find the correct DATE_FORMAT_xxxx constant.
Can you pease tell me the constant that I need to change ?
Or the code that I need to change ?
Please ?

I will gladly promote this use of the Content Templater for Regular Labs. I love this extension NOW THAT I UNDERSTAND HOW TO USE IT.
Your documentation is pretty soft and facile, hombre.
I can help.

Please tell me what you think of this ?
THANKS very much.
Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen ADMIN
Sorry, but I still don't understand what this directly has to do with Content Templater.
Isn't this a general Joomla question concerning calendar custom fields?

Anyway, if you want to know what language strings cause what date format, then check your language file.
In my I find:
DATE_FORMAT_LC2="l, d F Y H:i"
DATE_FORMAT_LC6="Y-m-d H:i:s"
But your can override these via the language overrides. Or create your own custom ones.

For general Joomla questions, I kindly refer you to the Joomla forum:
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Kent Morrison's Avatar Kent Morrison
Thanks for this, I have both GB and US English installed on the site.
I have created language overrides for EVERY DATE_FORMAT_xxx language setting listed in the en-GB.ini AND the en-US.ini

There are 12 such constants in each language .ini file,a nd I have created an override for every single one.

Where else could it be ?
I do not know where else to look.

IS THERE a way to inspect the Joomla generated page and determine WHICH language constant is being used to format a specific displayed date ?

Seriously, I have been using Joomla since it was Mambo, and I cannot figure this one out.
SO frustrating.
Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen ADMIN
Again, this has nothing to do with Content Templater.

Please go to the Joomla forum for general help on Joomla.
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Kent Morrison's Avatar Kent Morrison
OK, thank you
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