The latest news and updates on the Regular Labs extensions, detailing new releases and features.

30 May 2018

with Comparison Operators and Video Tags

The newest version of Articles Anywhere includes the ability to output YouTube and Vimeo videos, greater/less operators in filters, and more improvements and fixes.


13 March 2018

This is my talk at the Joomla World Conference 2017 in Rome. 

The presentation gives a great insight of the amazing powers hidden in Articles Anywhere.


9 October 2017

New Custom Field Extension for Joomla

A brand new Regular Labs extension has been released today!

Articles Field is a Joomla! custom field plugin that greatly extends the capabilities of custom fields, making it possible to connect other articles to your content item.


27 September 2017

Major Revamp and New Features!

The new version adds the ability to get articles by multiple filters, custom fields and authors, insert category data and more.


12 September 2017

In this video we will take a look at how to install Regular Labs extensions and how to update when new versions are released.

There are 3 ways to install Regular Labs extensions. We'll go through each of them.
We'll look at how to:

  • Upload extension zip files
  • Install from Web
  • Install via the Regular Labs Extension Manager

15 April 2016

Plugin order is important

Something most Joomla! website managers/administrators will not often look at is the Plugin Manager.
However, understanding plugin ordering can save your site from problems.


15 April 2016

So you want to help out with translating the Regular Labs extensions into your language?
Great! Here is how you can do so!


15 April 2016

With the help of CDN for Joomla

Amazon Cloudfront

In this tutorial you will learn how to make your Joomla setup use an Amazon Cloudfront CDN server.

  • First we will create an Amazon Cloudfront Pull Zone. (5 steps)
  • After that we'll set up CDN for Joomla!. (3 steps)