Tutorial for Better Trash

There is a Free and a Pro version of Better Trash.
The parts in this tutorial that only concern the Pro version will be marked with: PRO


Better Trash improves the functionality of the default Trash button.

Using Better Trash you will need less clicks to view and permanently delete trashed items.

trash view

In Joomla, when you want to view the trashed items, you need to open the Search Tools and set the Status selection to Trashed.
Then to delete all the trashed items, you need to select all items and click on the Empty Trash button.


With Better Trash this becomes a lot simpler!

Want to view the trashed items? Just click on the Trash button (without selecting any items).

Want to delete all trashed items in that view? Just click on the Empty Trash button (without selecting any items).

Automatically delete trash PRO

With Better Trash Pro you can automatically have old trash get permanently deleted. You can set after how many days in the trash items should get deleted in the system plugin settings.


Better Trash has a number of options, giving you control over how it works and behaves. Here is the full list of the options you can find in the Better Trash system plugin settings:

Show Exit Trash Button Select to show an extra 'Exit Trash' button when viewing the trashed items.
Show Trash Alert Select to show an extra alert message at the top of the trashed items view.
Auto-Delete Trash Select to permanently delete trashed items automatically after they have been in the trash for longer than the set number of days.
Delete After (days) Set the number of days after which trashed items should be deleted permanently.

Advanced Options

Disable on Components Select in which frontend components NOT to enable the use of this extension.
Log Path The path of the log file used to store the time of the last purge. The file 'bettertrash_lastclean.log' will be stored in this folder. Make sure your Joomla! setup is able to write to this folder.


You can either install Better Trash by using the core extension manager available in the Joomla! Administrator Control Panel, or by using the powerful Regular Labs Extension Manager.

Note: When updating Better Trash, you do not need to uninstall it first. The package will update all the files automatically.

Keep in mind that when you update to a major new version (or uninstall first), you might lose some configuration settings.

Regular Labs Extension Manager

It is very easy to install/update any Regular Labs Extension using the Regular Labs Extension Manager.

Please see the Tutorial for the Regular Labs Extension Manager for more detailed information...

Joomla! Extension Manager

To install via the Joomla! Extension Manager, just follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Joomla administrator;
  2. In the menu, choose: Extensions >> Extensions;
  3. Choose the tab: Install from Web (or enable it if you haven't done so yet);
  4. Select the search field and enter Better Trash and hit enter;
  5. Click on the Better Trash listing;
  6. Click on Install;
  7. Click on Install to confirm.
Joomla! Installer - Install from Web

Or if you need to install the Pro version or cannot install via the 'Install via Web' method for some reason:

  1. Download the extension install file (.zip);
  2. Log into your Joomla administrator;
  3. In the menu, choose: Extensions >> Extensions;
  4. Choose the tab: Upload Package File;
  5. Click on the Choose File button and select the extension zip;
  6. Click on Upload & Install.
Joomla! Installer - Upload Package File

If you have problems installing Better Trash, please try the manual installation process as described here: docs.joomla.org/Installing_an_extension