Yes, everything is getting more expensive. Unfortunately also for me.

After nearly 5 years (September 2017) of keeping my prices unchanged, I had to decide the time has come to increase them.

Starting in May 2022, the prices of all subscriptions will change.

The excuse reason

The sales of the Regular Labs subscriptions is my only form of income. And over the last 8 years, it has been slowly declining.
I don't put a lot of effort into marketing. And I don't have a vision or passion to make my business any bigger.
I am happy to just make a living off of it and provide you with the best extensions and support I can.

Bla bla bla... [enter sad story here] ... more bla bla.

No, I have been very fortunate to be able to have been doing what I love for so many years, and be able to make a living off of it.
Nevertheless, price changes are needed to sustain my business.

The changes

Starting in May 2022, the prices of all subscriptions will change.

  1. Small/simple extensions
        > from € 19 to € 29 per year

  2. Bigger/more complex extensions
        > from € 39 to € 49 per year

  3. Bundle (all extensions)
        > from € 199 to € 249 per year

Does this affect existing subscriptions?

Yes. Renewals on existing extensions will use the new prices that will start in May of 2022.

If that means that you can't keep affording to keep your subscription, I fully understand.
You can switch off the auto-renewal here:

Cancel my Subscription

So touching!

If you are deeply touched by this oh-so-emotional story, you might be considering to upgrade your single extension subscriptions to a bundle.
I fully understand that too. This is heavy heart stuff!

Upgrade to a bundle

If you do that before May 2022, you will still take advantage of the current lower prices for the first year. Together with the 25% automatic upgrade discount.