Update 23 January 2023

As of today, we have (finally!) finished the process of making my extensions compatible with Joomla 4.

There are however some extensions that will not be available for Joomla 4. Read here...

In this blog post, we will share details on which Regular Labs extensions are already compatible with Joomla 4, and the roadmap of the other extensions that will be made compatible over the next few weeks/months.

During the past years, we've been working on developing the Joomla 4 versions of the Regular Labs extensions.

All extensions that will be available for Joomla 4 have already been released.

How to Upgrade Regular Labs Extensions to Joomla 4

Each Regular Labs extension - that will have Joomla 4 compatibility - will have a single package that works on both Joomla 3 and Joomla 4. The correct files will be installed from the same package depending on which version of Joomla you're using.

Some extensions will come with new features and improvements exclusive to Joomla 4, so we will have separate Documentation pages for the J3 and J4 versions.

This is the process to upgrade any of the Regular Labs Extensions:

  1. First, make sure that your Joomla 3 site is updated to the latest Joomla 3.10 release
  2. On Joomla 3.10, update all the installed Regular Labs Extensions to their latest version
  3. Upgrade your Joomla 3.10 site to Joomla 4
  4. Reinstall the latest versions of all the Regular Labs extensions. This will upgrade the extensions to their Joomla 4 counterpart (if available).

Regular Labs Extensions Ready for J4

The following is the list of Regular Labs already compatible with Joomla 4:

Will not have a Joomla 4 version

The following extensions will not be converted to Joomla 4 due to lack of demand, or due to their features now mostly being in Joomla 4 core.

  • Add to Menu
  • Advanced Template Manager
  • Better Trash
  • Components Anywhere
  • Dummy Content
  • Email Protector
    The Email Cloaking plugin in Joomla 4 is a lot better than in Joomla 3, making Email Protector pretty much redundant.
  • Simple User Notes 

Joomla 3 Support

We will still support the Joomla 3 versions of our extensions until the J3 officially End of Life on August 17th, 2023.

No new features will be implemented in the Joomla 3 version of the extensions from now on. But we will continue to support them, fix any bugs, and make sure they keep working correctly on Joomla 3.10 until its End of Life.