The newest release of Articles Field comes with various improvements for ordering and filtering articles.

Articles Field by Regular Labs is a Joomla! custom field plugin that greatly extends the capabilities of custom fields.

It gives you the ability to choose from a list of articles (based on selected filters), allowing you to directly connect articles to each other. The result on the frontend is a list of the selected articles, that can even displayed with a custom layout.

Today, Articles Field 3.1 has been released. Let's go over what's new in the latest update:

Order articles by ID

Articles Field allows you to fully customize the way the linked articles are displayed in the frontend of the website.

This includes the ordering. A new option has been now added, allowing you to sort the articles by their ID.

So you can now choose between the following orderings:

  • Ordering (in the "Articles" manager)
  • ID NEW
  • Title
  • Alias
  • Hits
  • Created Date
  • Modified Date
  • Published Date

You can then specify the ordering Direction, setting it to be either Ascending or Descending.