articlesfield Articles Field 3.1 Released

Several additions and improvements

The newest release of Articles Field comes with various improvements for ordering and filtering articles.

Articles Field by Regular Labs is a Joomla! custom field plugin that greatly extends the capabilities of custom fields.

It gives you the ability to choose from a list of articles (based on selected filters), allowing you to directly connect articles to each other. The result on the frontend is a list of the selected articles, that can even displayed with a custom layout.

Today, Articles Field 3.1 has been released. Let's go over what's new in the latest update:

Order articles by ID

Articles Field allows you to fully customize the way the linked articles are displayed in the frontend of the website.

This includes the ordering. A new option has been now added, allowing you to sort the articles by their ID.

So you can now choose between the following orderings:

  • Ordering (in the "Articles" manager)
  • ID NEW
  • Title
  • Alias
  • Hits
  • Created Date
  • Modified Date
  • Published Date

You can then specify the ordering Direction, setting it to be either Ascending or Descending.

Input Select Options

Dedicated Input Options and various improvements have been added for the Input Select of articles.

These options only affect the article select field. They do not affect the frontend display.

Article Grouping

A new feature has been added for the Pro Version of Articles Field: the ability to group the articles by category in the select list. You can see the result in the select list in the image here.

Article State

Another addition is the option to show or hide unpublished articles in the select list. This can be found under the "Filter" options when setting up an Articles Field.

This does not affect the frontend display. Unpublished articles will still only show on the frontend output only when they get published.

Also, now Trashed and Archived articles will not show in the select list at all.

Input Ordering with Single Select

The ordering option is now available even when the "Multiple" article selection is set to no: despite having no use in the output when the selection is limited to one article, this will still affect the articles list in the select input.

Filter by multiple Custom Field List Values PRO

When you create an "Articles" Field, you can use different Filters to limit the articles available to be selected.

The Pro version already allowed you to filter the list of articles by up to 3 other Custom Fields values.

With this new release, you can now input multiple list values (separated by a comma) for list fields that can have more that one value.

For example, filtering articles by Custom Field "Fruit" and giving values apples,bananas will return articles that have that custom field set to either apples or bananas.

And more...

  • Prevents article ID from showing in select list on frontend
  • Fixes issue with incorrect db query when no fields are selected in the 'Articles - Linked' type PRO

Read the Changelog for Articles Field 3.1 for the full list of improvements and fixes that have been made in the new release.

There are a lot of cool features and options to explore in Articles Field.

Head over to the full Documentation for a complete overview and for examples of how you can use Articles Field.