The newest release of Articles Anywhere adds the ability to display data from specific articles, and to set a minimum number of articles to return.

Articles Anywhere is the powerful Joomla plugin that allows you to insert articles anywhere on your site based on any filters, place specific data (like title, text, images, custom fields, etc) and have full control over how you want to display the articles.

Over the past years and months, Articles Anywhere has become so feature-rich that by now, it has got to a point where there is pretty much nothing left to add... Yet, we're still adding more little things!

Today, Articles Anywhere 9.4 has been released. Here is what's new in the the latest update:

Data from Specific Articles PRO

You can now display, at any point, specific data from a specific article returned by the Plugin Tag. To do this, prepend the Data Tag name with the respective count number of the article.

For example, [2:title] will return the title of the second article in the list of returned articles. This can be done for any article data, including custom fields.

This can be particularly useful, for example, if you want to display data from two (or more) articles side-by-side in a table:


Or, if you would like to use data from the returned articles in a descriptive text like:

{articles category="Fruit" ordering="ordering ASC" limit="3"}{if first}
The best fruit ever is [1:title]. But [2:title] and [3:title] are pretty good too.

Minimum Limit PRO

As you surely know, with Articles Anywhere you have always been able to set a maximum limit of articles for each {articles} tag, with a limit="..." attribute.

With this latest release, you can now also define a minimum number of articles that should be returned by the specified filters in your {articles} tag by using a minimum="..." attribute:

{articles category="Animals" minimum="3" limit="20"}...{/articles}

When using this attribute, if the tag (with the specified filters) does not result in at least the set minimum amount of articles, the output will return empty.

And more...

Various other improvements and fixes have been made in the recent releases of Articles Anywhere, including:

  • Added ability to use this:... values to also work with param and custom field values
  • Fixed issue with references to [this:...] data not working correctly in search pages
  • Fixed issue with rawvalue in custom fields not being defined when using custom layouts
  • Fixed issue with incorrect time offset on custom field dates
  • Fixed issue with offset not working when no limit is set
  • Fixed issue with no output when using current id on unpublished articles
  • Fixed issue with surrounding html tags sometimes getting stripped if article(s) tag has no output

Read the Changelog for Articles Anywhere for the full list of updates that have been made in the latest releases.

For a complete overview of all the features included in Articles Anywhere, head over to the full Documentation, and check out the Video Tutorials.