The newest major version of Cache Cleaner has been released, and comes with a rewritten documentation and video tutorials.

Cache Cleaner is the Joomla plugin that allows you to clean your Joomla! cache fast and easily via a link in the Administrator panel. Not only that, it also gives you the possibility to clear server cache, Cloudflare & CDN cache, 3rd party cache, do a Global Check-in, empty the tmp folder, empty user-defined folders and database tables… all with just 1 click!

A refactored version of Cache Cleaner, version 7, has been released today, and the documentation has been revamped as well.

Watch the new Video Tutorials below, and read on for a breakdown of what's new with the latest update.

Getting started

What is Cache Cleaner and how can you use it in your website?

The Pro Version

An overview of the Pro version of Cache Cleaner.

Rearranged Settings

In Cache Cleaner 7, the system plugin settings have been rearranged and are now better organized.

The settings tabs are now more clearly divided based on What to clean and How to clean it:

What to clean

In this tab you find settings related to the list of things that you can clear or empty. This includes:

  • Joomla Cache
  • Global Check-In
  • Temp Folder
  • Custom Folders PRO
  • Database Tables PRO
  • Server Cache PRO
  • Cloudflare & CDN Cache PRO
  • 3rd Party Cache PRO
  • Query URL PRO

You can enable or disable each feature, or optionally decide to trigger them only when cleaning via the administrator button.

How to clean it

In this tab, you find settings related to the different ways in which you can trigger the cleaning process. This includes:

  • Administrator Quick Link
  • Frontend secret URL
  • Automatic cleaning on Save
  • Automatic cleaning by Interval PRO


The advanced tab includes extra settings, such as the ability to enter paths of folders and files you don't want to be removed when cleaning cache.

Minimum File Age PRO

A brand new addition to the Pro version of Cache Cleaner is the ability to set a minimum age of the files to delete, in minutes.

This means that files that were modified after the set amount of minutes, will not be deleted. Only files older than the specified time will be deleted.

The Minimum Age can be set for files in the Cache folders, the Temp folders, and Custom Folders.

Other changes in Free and Pro version

Cache Cleaner 7 also comes with a few changes in what's supported by the Free and Pro version:

  • The automatic Global Check-In (previously Pro only) has now been made available in the Free version as well.
  • The ability to purge OPcache and LiteSpeed Server Cache has now been made only available in the Pro version.
  • Support for the discontinued 3rd party extension JRE Cache has been removed.

Read the Changelog for Cache Cleaner 7 for the full list of changes that have been made in the new release.

For a complete overview of all the features included in Cache Cleaner, head over to the full Documentation.