The newest release of Quick Index gives you the ability to automatically add indexes to the top of all articles or articles in selected categories.

Quick Index is the Joomla plugin that allows you to easily add an index (Table of Contents) to your content. The index will be generated based on the headings in your content.

Today, Quick Index 2.3 has been released, introducing a brand new feature exclusive to the Pro version of the extension.

Auto Index PRO

With Quick Index, you can simply place an {index} tag wherever you want the table of contents to show. And you have a lot of options at your disposal, allowing you to control what the index includes and how it looks.

But what if you have dozens or hundreds of articles where you would like to show an Index? Entering hundreds of {index} tags manually can be daunting.

Well, the newest version of Quick Index Pro comes to your rescue. It gives you the ability to automatically add indexes at the top of articles.

You can set to automatically add indexes to articles contained in selected categories, or even to all the articles of your website if your desire.

This is done via the the "Auto Index" option in Quick Index Plugin Settings.

auto index

The index will be generated using your Default Settings.

And more...

Various other changes, including:

  • Fixes issue with index from other article not including fulltext if {index} tag is in the intro text
  • Fixes issue with {noindex} tags getting stripped from editor fields in frontend edit views
  • Fixes issue with plugin tags not working correctly when using different than default tag characters in some cases
  • Changes minimum requirement from Joomla 3.8.0 to Joomla 3.9.0

Read the Changelog for Quick Index 2.3.0 for the full list of improvements and fixes that have been made in the new release.

For a complete overview of all the features included in Quick Index, head over to the full Documentation, and check out the Video Tutorials.