The newest version of Advanced Module Manager Pro gives you the ability to remove individual modules or module positions from a page.

Advanced Module Manager is the Joomla extension that enhances the way your module manager works. With Advanced Module Manager you can assign modules to just about anything you want, including Joomla! Content, Users, Components, Templates, Devices and much more, giving you full control over your Joomla modules.

Today, version 7.10 of the extension has been released, introducing a brand new feature for Pro users.

Individually Remove Modules PRO

If you're familiar with Advanced Module Manager, or even just the default Joomla! module manager, you know how it works: you edit a certain module and you assign it to - or exclude it from - certain pages or conditions.

But sometimes you may find yourself wanting to exclude a set of modules (say, for example, the Sidebar position) from one specific page. That would mean having to go into the assignments of each module and excluding them from that page one by one.

Well, not anymore! With the latest release of Advanced Module Manager, the Pro version gives you the possibility to directly remove individual modules or a complete module position from a page.

This is simply done by placing a plugin tag anywhere inside that page, for example inside the content editor of an article or a category description.

Remove Module Positions

You can remove a complete module position from a page by using the {remove-modulepos} tag.

Just add the position name inside the {remove-modulepos} tag, like:

{remove-modulepos position-7}

Remove Single Modules

Similarly, to remove a single module, you can use the {remove-module} tag.

The syntax is very simple. You tell the {remove-module} tag which module to hide simply by using the title or id of the module:

{remove-module Some module}
{remove-module 123}

The tag will remove the module or module position if it would otherwise show on the page, so regardless of the module assignments.

And more...

Various other changes, including:

  • Fixes conditions by pagetype and article not working on article edit views
  • Fixes issue with error when default ordering is set to "Menu Items"
  • Updates Mobile Detect Library to 2.8.33
  • Changes minimum requirement from Joomla 3.8.0 to Joomla 3.9.0

Read the Changelog for Advanced Module Manager 7.10.0 for the full list of improvements and fixes that have been made in the new release.

For a complete overview of all the features included in Advanced Module Manager, head over to the full Documentation, and check out the Video Tutorials.