The new version adds the ability to get articles by multiple filters, custom fields and authors, insert category data and more.

Articles Anywhere is the powerful Joomla plugin that allows you to insert articles anywhere on your site, place specific data (like title, text, images, custom fields, etc) and have full control over how you want to display the articles.

Today a new major version of Articles Anywhere has been released, with the plugin completely revamped. Here is a breakdown of all the new features that have been added in Articles Anywhere 7:

Get articles by multiple filters PRO

The Pro version of Articles Anywhere now allows you to use multiple filters in {articles} tag, meaning you can now get articles combining various conditions.

So for instance, you can show data from the articles in a certain category that also have a specific tag:

{articles category="Dogs" tags="Tiny"}...{/articles}

You can combine any filters to narrow down the resulting list of articles. Each filter can also have multiple values, separated with a comma.
Note that values in filters should only be separated by a comma, so no extra spaces between the values.

{articles category="Cats,Dogs" tags="Tiny,Small,Medium"}...{/articles}

Check out the documentation for all the Filter Types available.

Articles by Custom Fields PRO

Articles Anywhere can now get articles based on the value of custom fields. You need to use the field name as the attribute key.

Let's say you have a custom field "Number of legs" that has a fieldname nr-of-legs and you want to filter down to articles that have this values set to 3. You simply do:

{articles nr-of-legs="3"}...{/articles}

Articles from Child Categories PRO

You can now add the include_child_categories="true" attribute to {articles} tag to include articles from all child categories (categories nested under the given category).

To only include the articles from the first level of child categories (categories directly nested under the given category), you can add the include_child_categories="1" attribute. And use include_child_categories="2" to include the articles from the first and second level of child categories.

Articles by Author PRO

Want to only show articles by a certain author? Just filter down based on the created_by value.

{articles created_by="42"}...{/articles}

You can even show articles written by the user currently browsing the website, by utilizing the user:id value.

{articles created_by="user:id"}...{/articles}

You can also filter by the modified_by value to output articles last modified by a certain author.

Output Category Data PRO

Articles Anywhere already supported the output of the [category-id], [category-title] and the [category-description] attached to the article.

It's now possible to also place a link to the article category with [category-link]...[/category-link]. Or to individually output the URL of the category with [category_url].

And it's now also possible to output the image of the category attached to the article using [image-category].

Output Data from Current User PRO

The [user:...] Data Tags will return any available data of the visitor of the page.
If the visitor is not logged in, most of these Data Tags will return empty.

  • [user:id] the id of the user. This will be 0 if the visitor is not logged in.
  • [user:name]
  • [user:username]
  • [user:email]
  • [user:guest] a false or true value based on whether the visitor is logged in or not.

Output Custom Fields with a custom layout PRO

With Articles Anywhere you can display any custom field of an article using the name of that specific field, for example:

{article Lions}[habitat_area]{/article}

Now you are also able able to display custom fields with a custom alternate layout. You do so by simply inserting the path to your custom layout file inside a layout="..." attribute:

[habitat_area layout="templates/my_template/html/layouts/com_fields/field/habitat-field.php"]

Check out the Custom Fields section of the documentation for details and examples of this new feature.

Read the Changelog for Articles Anywhere 7 for the full list of improvements and fixes that have been made in the new release.

For a complete overview of all the features included in Articles Anywhere, head over to the full Documentation, and check out the Video Tutorials.