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Multiple profiles for different types (groups) of users

Jonathan's Avatar Jonathan
First of all, I dont know how I would be able to do ANYTHING without your tools. Thanks Peter.
Asking this here because I dont know where else to ask, its a common problem, and you now this Joomla platform inside and out.

I have a few different types of users: (1) Consumers, (2) Students, (3) Affiliates, (4) Employees, (5) Recruits
Each has their own profile format because they are totally different users with a totally different purpose for coming to my website.
In the end I want to set up a set of registration/profile questions (form fields) for each type, and I want to use those fields to permit access and create Tags so that I can retrieve collections of articles for each user. I am certain you have run into this problem. I wish you created such a mechanism as one of your plugins but you dont have one. Could you please suggest any tool, library, approach, or individual who would be able to help me achieve this? A few suggested I look at Fabrik or Community Builder as tools, and while I played with Easy Profile its limited as a plugin. How have you solved this in the past?
Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen ADMIN
Nope, have not run into that problem. It is pretty specific.

I recommend you ask on the Joomla forum:
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