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Are using an icon before title and the slider open/close icon exclusive one to another?

Bernhard Aggeler's Avatar Bernhard Aggeler
I replaced my previous tabs in product pages all by sliders and am really happy whith this mobile-friendly solution. However there is a glitch and I am just not sure if reason is by design or if I must add something different in code:

I use an icon in title as this realy makes the slider so much more attractive. However my "open/close" icon disappeared. Are both exclusive one to another?

If I add open/close icons like here on this page:
Scroll down to the very bottom at "My Acordion content slider layout"

Any attempt to add an icon before the title and keep the open/close icon failed to me.
Is there some place I can see example of this working (couldnt find in documentation)?

If you want to try yourself can do as its a test page anyway:
Confidential information:

Kind regards,
Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen ADMIN
You should simply place the image inside the title, using your editor image button.
You now have some weird broken HTML code inside the title.

So simply:
{slider title="Some Text [...your image...]" class="icon"}

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