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Modules Anywhere depending on device

Peter Tuson's Avatar Peter Tuson
Hello Peter,

It would be useful if you could include filtering on device type in a future version of Modules Anywhere.

What I mean is that it would be useful if we could select a module based on the type of device being used to display the web browser, i.e. desktop, mobile etc.

Unfortunately, we sometimes need to change the way something is displayed on the device and bootstrap or simple css is not good enough, it needs alternative html and/or complicated css. Often I find that I have to write a module extension to handle this but I would prefer to use standard custom modules.

For example {module desktop="Desktop Module" mobile="Mobile Module"}

I am using it on Joomla 4 at the moment and haven't noticed any problems.

Thank for all the hard work you put in. I find your extensions make web design so much easier.


Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen ADMIN
You can use Advanced Module Manager to do the assignments.
And place the module where you want with Modules Anywhere.
Remember to check the settings in the Modules Anywhere system plugin so that Modules Anywhere does not ignore the assignments/conditions.
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