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Incorrect Caching of RSForm Module (forms)

Jesse Willliams's Avatar Jesse Willliams
Running Joomla 3.10.1 and Modules anywhere 7.13.5, not having changed any settings recently other that updating software.... Modules Anywhere is causing forms from RSForm Pro to fail when placed directly into a given page.

A strange work around is that I can put the module on another page using modules anywhere, and then put that page into the orginal page using articles anywhere... and the form will work again. I'm guessing that the issue is a caching issue introduced by the new joomla, but do not know where to begin to debug this?!
exhibits the problem (feel free to enter dummy text), where the module is placed on the page using modules anywhere. This form posts back to itself and nothing happens
is running the odd work around, where the module is first placed on another page, and then that page is placed on this page, using "articles anywhere". This form works

If I use the work around for the first form, it would then work.
Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen ADMIN
You have the Page Cache system plugin enabled. That caches the entire page including all modules.
You probably don't want that plugin enabled.

Read for more on caching here:

If you do want that, see if changing the ordering of the plugins in question makes a difference.
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Jesse Willliams's Avatar Jesse Willliams
Thank you so much. I figured it was a cache issue, but couldn't put my finger on it. I appreciate the thoughtful and very helpful answer.

RSForm Pro module appears to have no setting to switch caching off, which may actually be the problem. I'll take it up with them. But in the meantime, with all cache turned off, of course everything works.

Thanks again
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