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modals "warning popups" on external links ?

Dirk67's Avatar Dirk67

not a support question:

I just wonder if it's possible with modals pro (J3 and J4)
to make some kind of "external link warning popup" for some (not all) external links

so the content of the modals window is always the same text
and contains an "OK" or "agree" button

for example:
{modal some_parameter=""}click for video{/modal}

and if you klick on it a modal with the warning and OK-button shows up,
and if pressing the OK button the user will be directed to the url from the {modal} tag (-> )

any idea someone ?


or do you think it would be more easy to write a modal-tag for an external url (e.g. separate php file (not in joomla)) for the modal content (warning and OK-button),
and this external php file then grabs the url with GET (to get the link for the OK-button right) ?
for example:
{modal url=""}click for video{/modal}
Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen ADMIN
You would need to go with that last option.

If it is only to be used for youtube stuff, you can just do this:
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