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In Joomla Updates getting.. Update: Could not open update and aloes in Extension Manager - Could not retrieve data from

Paul Porteous's Avatar Paul Porteous
Hi Support,

In Joomla Extension Updates I am getting Warning message for "all" my Regular Labs Extensions;

Update: Could not open update site #4 "Regular Labs - Advanced Module Manager", URL:
Update: Could not open update site #5 "Regular Labs - Articles Anywhere", URL:
Update: Could not open update site #27 "Regular Labs Library", URL:
Update: Could not open update site #28 "Regular Labs - Extension Manager", URL:
Update: Could not open update site #29 "Regular Labs - Cache Cleaner [PRO]", URL:

If I follow any one of the links above, they "do" resolve..

This is also not restricted to just the one site.. it is across multiple sites that I manage..

I am also getting a message pop up in the Regular Labs - Extension Manager;

Could not retrieve data from the Regular Labs website. Please try again later


I have recently migrated a lot of customer sites from one hosting platform to another.. And I initially thought this may be a cause.. but the existing hosting platform (where I still have several sites) shows the same issue.. So I am assuming this can be ruled out? Maybe a contributor.. but I expect being as both platforms.. original and the new migrated show same issue.. it must be something else?


As per your note when asking a forum question.. I can confirm the issue is on the latest versions of Joomla 3.10.2 (PHP 7.4x) and I have also updated the Regular Labs extensions to their latest versions (manually).. even after updating everything.. when I go to the Extensions Update - Clear Cache and select Find Updates.. I get the Warning message and list of extensions and just to confirm.. on latest Joomla along with the updates message I get the pop up in the RL Extension Manager..


I did do a search on the forum, but could not find anything specifically the same as the issues I am experiencing..

Any ideas? 🙂

Please let me know if you require any further information..

Kind Regards,

Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen ADMIN
Yes, that is due to an old SSL certificates file in Joomla core. There is a fix for this that has been accepted to Joomla core. But there will need to be a version release before you can use that.

Also see:
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