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0 error in both Admin and Frontend

robb rich's Avatar robb rich
Hi Peter,
I was doing some updates for a client and when updated the Regular Labs extensions, it presented a 0 error on the Administrator and also on the frontend of the site. I saw there was another support request a few months ago with a similar issue. I deleted the folders as instructed, which gave me access to the site again. However, when I reinstall the Extension Manager, the 0 error returns and I can't do anything on the Admin side, and the frontend of the site is offline with the same 0 error:

Error 0
Class 'RegularLabs\Library\SystemPlugin' not found

Joomla is up to date (version 3.9.26)
PHP Version was upgraded last night to 7.4.x

robb rich's Avatar robb rich
Fully removing everything that was installed and re-installing the Extension Manager seems to have fixed this. Sorry I didn't try that before creating the issue.
Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen ADMIN
Ok, let me know if you run into any errors again when installing the other extensions. Especially when installing the latest Modules Anywhere version (released today)...
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