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Upgrade for Joomla 4

Joel DeVenney's Avatar Joel DeVenney
After using Joomla 4 for a recent project, and reading your upgrade notes for Joomla 4 and modules, I can highly recommend and request, please please upgrade this plugin to Joomla 4 compatible, even if you have to start charging for it.

The Joomla 4 plugin for email protecting is very ineffective still after all these years, it doesn't grab text from all other components, only content articles from Joomla and K2 directly.

Your plugin was SO efficient at grabbing any email it found and protecting it, that it grabbed emails from other components like Galleries and SPPageBuilder and many others, VirtueMart, all automatically. Right now Joomlas new plugin won't grab emails from PageBuilder, which means this new project isn't protected.

I would be willing to pay for this plugin going forward if you could make it compatible with v4. Even after all this time Joomla has not figured out this is a need, and they need to make it happen. If you can make it happen with your 3rd party plugin they should be able to.
Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen ADMIN
I will see if I will make Email Protector ready for Joomla 4 after the others are done. So even if I do do it, it will not be very soon.

I recommend you report this as an issue on the Joomla issue tracker.

All they really need to do is change the content plugin to a system plugin, and make the replacements on the final output HTML instead of the individual article texts.

But I am not the person that will do that in Joomla core...
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Joel DeVenney's Avatar Joel DeVenney
I understand. Any clues what might need changing in your plugin to make it happen, general thoughts? I might tackle it here for this site honestly.
Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen ADMIN
No, not sure what needs to get done to make it ready for Joomla 4. I haven't looked into Email Protector yet.
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