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JCE PRO Editor does not display when using Content Templater

Patricia Lawson's Avatar Patricia Lawson
Hello Peter,
I have JCE Editor PRO (v 2.9.11), Content Templater 10.0.7 PRO and Joomla! 3.10.0 running,

When the default editor is JCE I do not see the editor when creating or editing a Template.
If I select Tiny MCE I can see the Editor just fine.

(Not sure where to host images of this so you can see them.)

Sorry if this is a repeat post: I think I posted 1/2/ hour ago but I cannot see the post on the forum.

ALSO, I realize that I want to add that Access is not sticking to newly created articles using the template. I set the Access under the Article Details tab of the template. In all newly created articles Access reverts to Registered.

Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen ADMIN
I cannot reproduce the issue with the editor. I have JCE here too and it works fine in the Content Templater item edit views.
So it may be down to some setting in JCE on your setup that is preventing it to load inside Content Templater.

Content Templater can only set the values of fields that are available in the article edit form.
On the frontend, the Access field is not available to set, so Content Templater cannot set or change that value.
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