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Finding url link of custom components?

Bernhard Aggeler's Avatar Bernhard Aggeler
I have a custom component for order vm management in the backend and now would like to make this somehow available to some superusers in the frontend.

Im using the Comonent Anywhere for the first time and tried create propper syntax by follwoing exact instructions to call it however Im stuck at the place where you suggest to use "Add Menu" in order to find out the propper compponent url link to configure.

As custom coponents do not appear in available components to add to menu, how do I find exact link to it?

If you want to check what I mean, you can access our test site with following credentials:
Confidential information:

The component id like to make accessible to the frontend is called "Custom OrdersMgt - Encomendas"

How should I proceed?
Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen ADMIN
You cannot place an admin component on the frontend. That is not what Components Anywhere does.

If by 'custom component' you mean you built yourself, then just make a frontend view for the component.
You can place any user level restrictions you want in there.
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