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SVG sprites no displayed when loaded from CDN

Thomas Venugopal's Avatar Thomas Venugopal

I have a SVG sprite for our icon system. In the SVG file are several symbols which can be called via html and styled with CSS.

The SVG-file looks like this:

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In HTML, I call the single icons like this:
<svg class="lp-icons lp-icons-daily"><use xlink:href="/landing/images/icon-sprite.svg#daily" xmlns:xlink=""></use></svg>

When the CDN is enabled, the icons are not shown in the browser. But the path is correct:

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Is there any solution?
Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen ADMIN
This is not an issue I can help you with. CDN for Joomla! is doing what it should.
The URL is converted to the CDN equivalent.

Any issues with the image/file itself is outside the control or responsibility of CDN for Joomla!

You could exclude the file from the CDN if that is causing the issue.
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Thomas Venugopal's Avatar Thomas Venugopal
Ok, thank you!
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