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Enabling CDN on our migrated J4 website causes problems

Robert van der Hulst's Avatar Robert van der Hulst
We have migrated our website ( to Joomla 4.
When I ensable the CDN plugin then certain elements do not work correctly anymore, like for example the font for the image in front of the phone number and email address in the footer bar of homepage of the website.
We are using the Flex template ( .
This may very well be a problem in Flex too, but I really have no idea.
The font for that image is coming from
Most likely there is an easy way to exclude that from CDN, but I could not find that.

Joomla 4.3.2
CDN 6.7.3
Our CDN url is
Robert van der Hulst's Avatar Robert van der Hulst
The change to .htaccess did not do it.
And since the css files are part of the template, I did not want to mess with them.
However, I excluded the css extension from the CDN component and now it works.
Images and script seem to be loaded from the CDN and website feels faster


Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen ADMIN
My pleasure.
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