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Subresource integrity for .js and .css

Louis Jansen's Avatar Louis Jansen
Hi there,

One of my SEO hygiëne tools gave me hints about the lack of subresource integrity for .js and .css files that are served from a CDN. Is there any option to add this feature to the CDN plugin? I am not an IT architect so not sure if this would make most/best sense. But at least it wouldn't make sense to add subresource integrity if you don't use a CDN at all.

Would love to hear you opinion/ideas on this.

Kind regards,

Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen ADMIN
Potentially CDN for Joomla! could generate subresource integrity hashes.
However it does not have that functionality.

Currently CDN for Joomla! is not concerned with the tag types the media URLs are in. It just looks for the URLs in the right places (including inside inline css and javascript) and replaces those.

The integrity attribute is for as far as I can see only supported in <script> tags.
So only concerns javascript files.

So I am not convinced yet if this is something CDN for Joomla! should be dealing with and how great the need for this is.
You are the first to mention this. And as you state, you are only basing this on a hint from a SEO tool.
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Louis Jansen's Avatar Louis Jansen
It's true that the origin of my question was a hint from an SEO tool. However, it would make sense that, for security reasons, you want to have checked if the file you allow to be served from a CDN is not manipulated.

I actually consider it as a next step after moving from HTTP towards HTTPS. HTTPS is the standard now. Anyway was just wondering/asking to see if it would fit in the plugins strategy / 'roadmap' or so. So thanks for the quick response are your view anyway Peter!
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