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Better Trash auto delete images of trashed articles?

Denis Langevin's Avatar Denis Langevin

Little question about Better Trash auto-clean up option...

I have an animal shelter website where in the animal adoption section they display the pets bio by creating articles using Joomla Custom Fields. And one of the custom field is the animal's photo. So my question is, when I trash one of these articles, does Better Trash delete also the image from the server when the auto-clean up option is in action or just the text?

The thing is if it doesn't physically delete the images from the server, it tends to become a disk space problem because the client doesn't think of doing the images folder clean up manually.
Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen ADMIN
No, Better Trash just makes the accessing and cleaning of the trash easier. When trashing items, it is exactly the same as the Joomla core way of trashing items.
Trashed and fully deleted items (emptied trash) do not delete any connected images.
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