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Use custom field for URL link in articles LINKED field

SAS Webdevel's Avatar SAS Webdevel
In the field layout I would like to use a custom field for the URL link in articles field:

This is what I tried:

<li><a href=[progam-url]>[title]</a>

Where the program-url is a URL field type, with a specific full URL to use.

But when it is rendered it users the 'base website/program-url (not the field the fieldname itself).

Is this possible?


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SAS Webdevel's Avatar SAS Webdevel
Ok, thank you. I tried:

{article id="[id]"}
<a href="[progam-url:value]">[title]</a>

But it looks like I need Articles Anywhere pro for this to work, correct? If so I will purchase it.

Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen ADMIN
Yes, correct.
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