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Articles Field in User Profile doesn't get saved

Yannick Lämmel's Avatar Yannick Lämmel
Hi there,

We have a articles fields used to link a user to an article. The field is required to create a new user.

Now our client has administrator backend access and everytime he tries create a new user there is an error message that the field is required. If you then have a look at the field it is empty again. If he wants to change an existing user then the field is prefilled. The error message is the same, but in this case the field isn't empty after the validation but filled with the correct value.

If I put our client into the Super Users group, everything works fine, but I cannot find out which authorization settings to make. For users all authorizations are allowed and if I have a look at the single fields and groups there is also everything allowed.

I could not find differences in the html code when accessing the users with different access levels.

Do I have to make a setting somewhere else to enable the articles field for another usergroup?

If you need any further information, feel free to ask.
Kind regards,
Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen ADMIN
This seems to me like a setting outside of Articles Field itself.
Check that the field is not set to a specific access level.
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