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Check if articlesLinked Field is empty

Husi's Avatar Husi
CustomField Id 29 is a RegularLabs field type "articleslinked"

At Template-Override I want to check, if this article is linked or not.
For this I use the VALUE like

For checking, if there is a value, in Joomla! 4.x I used

$check 	= $this->item->jcfields[29]->value;
if ($check 	== "") {

After updating to Joomla!5.0.0 this doesn´t work anymore.

Doing a
in Joomla4 without a linkedArticle, it was this:
["value"]=> string(0) "" ["rawvalue"]=> string(1) "1" }
in joomla5 it is this:
["value"]=> string(43) " " ["rawvalue"]=> string(1) "1" }

But whatever I try now ... I am not able to check any more with an if

Can you please help me?

Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen ADMIN
$check 	= trim($this->item->jcfields[29]->value);
if ($check == "") {
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Husi's Avatar Husi
This works. Thanks for the hint!
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