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Upgrading J3 to J4

Meinolf Mueller's Avatar Meinolf Mueller
in earlier times there was quite a long list of documentation regarding upgrading articles anywhere from J3 to J4.
I had a new look on documentation today and can't find this information any longer. Does this mean that former information is no longer necessary?
M. Müller
Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen ADMIN
There was an issue on the documentation site. It should now be showing the correct contents again:
Please post a rating at the Joomla! Extensions Directory
Meinolf Mueller's Avatar Meinolf Mueller
I am done update to joomla 4, but have problem with Short Syntax to Attribute Syntax,
When search with (\{article(?:-[a-z0-9-_]+)?) ([0-9]+)\} or (\{article(?:-[a-z0-9-_]+)?) ([a-zA-Z0-9-_]+)\} it show : The database query is invalid. Try changing the search.
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