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Email change doesn't work

Eero L's Avatar Eero L
Hi Peter,

I logged in with my old account to buy Articles Anywhere. After buying, I noticed that my old email address is still in use in the forum profile even though I wrote my new address in the order form before paying. I didn't get the purchase confirmation to the new email address so it was probably sent to the old one.

For some reason, the profile editor doesn't let me change the email address. Changing it and clicking save results in an error.

I want to get notified of the forum replies and everything else related to the account, so please can you change the email address?
Confidential information:
Thank you!
Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen ADMIN
There is already an account using the email address you want to use. That is why you cannot change it to that.
If you want to delete that account and change your current account to use that email address, please send me an email () using the email address you want to change it to.
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