rereplacer ReReplacer

Advanced search and replace for Joomla!

  • Last updated: 22 Oct 2020
  • Version: 9.1.3
  • Types: Component System plugin
  • Joomla rating: 100%

ReReplacer enables you to search and replace anything you want in your Joomla website on-the-fly.

ReReplacer can work on the entire output of your site, so you can do replacements in any piece of HTML, including things like meta tags. You can search for something and replace it with something else, or you can simply remove it (by replacing it with nothing).

With ReReplacer, the replacements are done on-the-fly, leaving the original text or html unchanged. If you want or need to permanently replace something in the database of your website, you can use DB Replacer instead.

Some ideas and examples you can use ReReplacer for:

  • Create your own custom plugin-style tags (turn [mytag]some text[/mytag] into some text).
  • Tweak the output of Joomla! without changing the core joomla or extension files.
  • Filter bad words on your site.
  • Temporarily hide text from your website, without actually removing it.
  • Remove redundant whitespace from your code, making your website load faster.
  • Use abbreviations in your content and replace them with the full text (J! becomes Joomla!, COMP becomes My Very Long Company Name®).
  • Quickly place whole blocks of text by only typing one word. For instance, you can use [stats] and replace it with a piece of Google Statistics code. Or [footer] to put a fixed bit of text under articles. You can then change the replacement in one place (in ReReplacer) and your whole website is updated!
  • etc...

You also have the ability to use the powerful Regular Expressions to search and replace. This opens up endless possibilities. You can do virtually everything with ReReplacer!

See the full documentation and watch the videos to find out more...