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  • Insert dummy content
    • You can insert pre-rendered dummy content into your article, module or other content items via the Dummy Content editor button
  • Create dummy content dynamically
    • Using the Dummy Content plugin tags you can generate dummy content on the fly
  • Content Types
  • Kitchen Sink
    • The Kitchen Sink is a mash-up of the other available content types. So it will display a random number of titles, paragraphs, lists, email addresses and images (images only available in the pro version).
  • Paragraphs
    • A given number of paragraphs, with a random number of sentences and words.
  • Sentences
    • A given number of sentences, with a random number of words.
  • Words
    • A given number of words.
  • List
    • An ordered or unordered list with a given number of list items (or random amount).
  • Title
    • A given number of words in title case.
  • Email
    • An email address consisting of dummy words for the part before and after the @ sign.
  • Image
    • An image with the given width and height. The image will be generated by one of the online dummy image services.
  • Extra Features
  • Word Lists
    • By default Dummy Content will use random words from the Lorem Ipsum text. The Pro version however, offers you a bunch of alternative word lists to choose from.
  • Diacritical Marks
    • Add random diacritical marks to letters based on several languages to choose from.
  • Image Services
  • Picsum.Photos

Free services

  • Free downloads & updates
    • Get unlimited access to the Free downloads and updates.
  • Install on multiple domains
    • You can install the extension on any domain you want. No limitations. No domain checks.
  • No support
    • To get support you will need to buy the Pro version.
  • Open Source code
    • The code is open source (GPL), meaning there is no form of code encryption. No use of Zend Guard or ionCube.
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