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27 September 2021

Everything that's new, changed, and improved

The new generation of Articles Anywhere has arrived, and is now available! Articles Anywhere for Joomla 4 has been completely re-coded and comes with dozens of new features and improvements. It also comes with syntax changes, so here is everything you need to know.


24 December 2019

Various Improvements and Fixes

The newest release of Articles Anywhere adds the ability to filter matching all Tags at the same time, to override Image Auto Alt/Title settings, a change to the default results limit, and more.


7 September 2019

More nifty things at your fingertips!

The newest release of Articles Anywhere adds the ability to display data from specific articles, and to set a minimum number of articles to return.


8 May 2019

Here is what's new in Version 9.2

Articles Anywhere 9.2 introduces the long-requested ability to use pagination for the returned articles, and much more.

With the addition of pagination, Articles Anywhere now effectively allows you to completely make your custom blog layout views, taking what was the last "missing step" to fully use Articles Anywhere as a CCK.

Check it out!



26 February 2019

Custom Fields Ordering, New Dates Filters, Auto Image Titles and much more!

It's probably the biggest update in the history of Articles Anywhere! This new major version release comes with:

  • New Ordering options, including the highly-requested addition of ordering by custom fields values
  • Completely revamped Date Filters, making it possible to filter articles by Month, by Year, and even use Date Ranges and Relative Dates.
  • Automatically generated Alt/Title attributes for images
  • Filter by empty values or check if a value exists
  • The ability to nest multiple articles tags (Nested Articles)
  • And a lot more new features and improvements!

1 September 2018

Watch the Video Tutorial!

Articles Anywhere 8.2 has been released, adding the ability to automatically create resized versions of images and much more.


18 July 2018

Norm Douglas presented "Using Articles Anywhere to make grouped article layouts" at the latest Joomla! User Group event in Melbourne, Australia. Regular Labs' own Peter joined the talk as well during the presentation.

Far more than a simple plugin, Articles Anywhere can be used almost like a CCK and a Blog layout tool.


3 July 2018

New Features, Documentation and Video Tutorial!

A new major update for Articles Anywhere comes with significant changes, a completely rewritten documentation, and the first tutorial video.


30 May 2018

with Comparison Operators and Video Tags

The newest version of Articles Anywhere includes the ability to output YouTube and Vimeo videos, greater/less operators in filters, and more improvements and fixes.


13 March 2018

This is my talk at the Joomla World Conference 2017 in Rome. 

The presentation gives a great insight of the amazing powers hidden in Articles Anywhere.


27 September 2017

Major Revamp and New Features!

The new version adds the ability to get articles by multiple filters, custom fields and authors, insert category data and more.