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Sliders not rendered

Laurent's Avatar Laurent

I don't understand why but sliders are not display now, i use this code in a snippet
{articles category="11" ordering="numero-zone ASC"} {slider title="[numero-zone] - [title]"}
<div class="res-item">
	<div class="res-item__img">[image-intro width="250" auto_titles="article"]</div>
	<div class="res-item__acti"><strong>Activité principale :</strong> [activite-principale]</div>
	{if dirigeant}
	<div class="res-item__dirig"><strong>Dirigeant :</strong> [dirigeant]</div>
	{/if} {if adresse}
	<div class="res-item__add"><strong>Adresse :</strong> [adresse]</div>
	{/if} {if telephone}
	<div class="res-item__web"><strong>Téléphone :</strong> [telephone]</div>
	{/if} {if courriel}
	<div class="res-item__web"><strong>Courriel :</strong> [courriel]</div>
	{/if} {if site-internet}
	<div class="res-item__web"><strong>Site internet :</strong> [site-internet]</div>
	{/if} {if facebook}
	<div class="res-item__web"><strong>Page Facebook :</strong> [facebook]</div>
	{/if} {if introtext}
	<div class="res-item__desc"><strong>Descriptif :</strong> [introtext strip="true"]</div>
{if last}{/sliders}{/if} {/articles}

This on that page
Confidential information:

Laurent's Avatar Laurent
Sorry this is perhaps the pagebuilder ck the problem, if i add the code tag directly without a snippet it is OK, what do you think ?
Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen ADMIN
From what I can see, the sliders are showing up just fine.
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