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Please have a Joomla 4 version of IP Login

Eric vanBok's Avatar Eric vanBok
I have a large client that relies heavily on IP Login for a specific function of their website and I am concerned about IP Login being a roadblock to getting them upgraded to Joomla 4 when the time comes.

This client is a medical society that produces a quarterly medical journal. They sell subscriptions to the journal to both individuals and organizations (like libraries). For organizations they offer the ability of IP login so that the organization has a single URL that anyone in the organization can use to log into the website to view the current or archived medical journals.

Without your IP Login extension, this functionality would not be possible. It is rare that week goes by that I am not setting up an organization for IP login access, or editing the IPs that they use for logging in.

Maybe they are the biggest user of this extension. Maybe not. Either way I beg you to at least ensure that there is a Joomla 4 version of the IP Login extension. I hate to think of this extension never getting a Joomla 4 version, or having it late in 2022.

If needed, I am more than willing to pay you folks to develop a Joomla 4 version of this extension. Please let me know if you will consider changing your mind about IP Login and if/when you will have a Joomla 4 version of it available.

Thank you.
Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen ADMIN
As you can read on the roadmap post here:
IP Login has very low priority.

Mainly because not many people use it, and I don't need it myself anymore either. More and more ISPs use dynamic IPs for their clients (without a specific range). So using IP Login gets less and less useful.

So I might make a J4 version at some point. But definitely not this year.
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Eric vanBok's Avatar Eric vanBok
I have read your roadmap, and that prompted my post here.

I understand that you see it as not used, but this client uses it heavily.

You are correct that most ISPs use dynamic IPs, but most libraries out there subscribe to proxy services that give then static IP addresses just for the purpose of accessing content via IP login. And it isn't just content from this one client. This is standard practice for libraries nowadays to allow them to access content throughout the internet without logins.

I understand that you personally don't have need for IP Login any more, but it does serve a very specific and incredibly useful need.

So again, I implore you to reconsider. As I said I am more than willing to pay you for your time to build a Joomla 4 version of IP Login. A "might" doesn't work for me. I don't need it this year, but sometime in the first half of 2022 would be ideal. Please reconsider.
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