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Cannot install IPLogin

Chris Elliott's Avatar Chris Elliott
Hi Peter

Using J! 3.9.16 on PHP 7.2 here and RLEM 7.4.4

When attempting to install IP Login from the Reg Labs Extension Manager, the install shows "Start". When I click Start, the progress bar starts at 100% and slowly progresses backwards to 'zero' and then repeats ad infinitum. The feature never actually installs.

Looking in the TMP folder, I see a huge number of folders containing the IPLogin script and supporting files. If Ieave the IPLogin install to run, I can see over 600 such folders.

Tested with a few, but not all RL extensions. Some were successful, others not (Article Anywhere installs fine but Better Preview fails in a similar matter to IPLogin).

Happy to help with any diagnostic or to offer an admin login and FTP login if needed.

Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen ADMIN
No idea what would cause that. Looks like an issue with your setup.

Try emptying the tmp folder. Clear your browser cache and cookies and try again...
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