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Gavin Ward's Avatar Gavin Ward

So I have a unique scenario where I need to autologin users based on a secret key. The accounts are just to allow us to have a basic audit trail of the user completing courses etc, and security is not of an issue. The fact we are auto creating the users and assigning them a special key and then sending the user an email with a link to take a course for instance with this key we want them to be auto logged in, they take the course and finish.

Is it possible to display the IP Requirement of IP Login and just use the secret key side?

Many thanks
Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen ADMIN
You could potentially set IP login to the complete range of IPs.
But it is user based. So you will still need to set that up for every user you want to give access.

If you want to have a generic solution not connected to the user, then no, IP Login is not the solution for you.
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Gavin Ward's Avatar Gavin Ward
No that wouldn't work since they can be from around the world.

I ideally need auto login via secret param but not IP restricted. Ok I'll create my own.

Thanks anyway!
Richard Whirley's Avatar Richard Whirley
Gavin - did you ever create your own? I have a similar requirement for a project.
Gavin Ward's Avatar Gavin Ward
Hey Richard,

Actually I did for two clients now. Essentially what I did was write a small plugin which checks for a key on load and allows access to X page opposed to logging in. Then wrote a small bulk mailing component to email users with X message which contains a 1 time access token in the URL.

It's not too complicated to create a single user login automatically with a key with how the Joomla! auth system works. You could use component creator to generate a component which handles the data / settings. Then a plugin and some custom views to generate the codes / send emails.

Many thanks
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