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Ton van der Helm's Avatar Ton van der Helm

I don't get how this works. The english tutorial I do not understand.
Right now I'm all day busy with trying and nothing seems to work.
It's kind of frustating going round in circles so I hope you can answer this question and I will go back trying out things the rest of the day 😐

Is it possible to make a template for pages in a certain category (blog) where I only fill out some Custom Fields in an article and the template does the rest?
So when I make a next blog-item, the new content (by the custom fields) is in the same lay-out?

Sorry for not understanding the documentation.
Are there video tutorials?

Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen ADMIN
No, that is not how Content Templater works.

Content Templater will place a predefined content into the article.
It does not update the article's content based on whatever custom fields you have and fill in.

You can however make a template that contains Articles Anywhere code that uses the custom field Data Tags.
That way, the custom field values will be show on the frontend in the article when viewing it.
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