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flexicontent support

2 years 4 months ago #80895

Serge's Avatar Serge

any chance you could make some of your modules compatible with Flexicontent CCK?
I see you just added better support for K2.
But K2 is dead, it's no longer being developed and I think FC is by far the best CCK out there, would be great to see better trash and better preview working with this.
many thanks for considering and keep up the great work!

2 years 4 months ago #80896

Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen Admin

I totally agree with you about K2 being dead and useless.


All the stuff I do for K2 in my extensions are pretty much bugfixes.
I'd rather just remove support for it entirely, but a LOT of people still use it. And removing support will break backwards compatibility.

But I am not a fan of any CCK anymore.
Joomla has enough tools in-house to do pretty much anything a CCK offers. Especially now with Custom Fields, template and layout overrides, etc.

I agree that FLEXIcontent is a better than K2. But K2 still has a way larger user base.
And FlexiContent reinvents the wheel on a lot of aspects too, like how the admin (lists, items) looks and works. This makes it hard to add support for it in an extension like Better Trash.
It would pretty much mean I need to write a completely separate code base especially for FC.
Not something I am prepared to do for something I believe is not necessary.

Just use core content 🙂

2 years 4 months ago #80931

Serge's Avatar Serge

I understand you won't be able to add support for Fc, however I find it unfair to compare this to J! core content.
FC has far more to offer than just the custom fields and layout overrides. I have a few projects which I could have not completed with core content and yes still quite a few of my client's sites run on K2.

If you ever find a few spare minutes (yeah right...) have ago on FC, it's really quite flexible.