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CF values in input field

Sigrid Gramlinger's Avatar Sigrid Gramlinger
I want to add links to a route planer to my articles. the address is in custom fields.
If I output the address fields (Zieladresse) it works correctly, but I would need it in an (hidden) input field. The values are not rendered in the input value.
Do I miss something? Or is it not possible?
<form action="" method="get" target="_blank">
		<label>Startadresse (mit Ort)</label><br />
		<input name="saddr" type="text" value="" class="inputbox" /> <br />
		<label>Zieladresse:</label> {article}[adresse]<br />[plz] [ort]{/article}
		<input name="daddr" type="text" value="{article}[adresse],[plz] [ort]{/article}" />
		<button type="submit" class="btn">Karte aufrufen</button>

Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen ADMIN
The plugin tags are not handled inside input fields and text areas, to prevent things from getting messed up in - for instance - article edit forms.

What you could do is use Sourcerer to output the input fields, as Articles Anywhere will not see them as input fields at that stage:
{article}{source}<input name="daddr" type="text" value="[adresse],[plz] [ort]" />{/source}{/article}
So just place that in the WYSIWYG view of the editor (not in the HTML view).

And make sure the Sourcerer system plugin is ordered after Articles Anywhere.
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Sigrid Gramlinger's Avatar Sigrid Gramlinger
OK. I will check.
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