Tutorial for Simple User Notes


Simple User Notes by Regular Labs is a Joomla! Administrator system plugin, that simplifies the management of user notes in Joomla.

In most cases, the built-in Joomla! User Notes system is overly complex if you just want to add a simple note to a user.

Simple User Notes replaces the core Joomla! User Notes system with a clean and simple textarea field in the User Edit View. This plugin is completely free.

How to use it

Using Simple User Notes is extremely... simple. Just install it, and it is ready to use!

To add a note, go to any user in the User Manager (user edit view) and click on the tab labelled Notes. You can simply add your desired notes in the textarea field:

Notes tab in the User edit view

The Notes field also contains a button that allows you to automatically insert the current Date and the Name of the user that is writing the note.

Notes Display

The user notes will be displayed under each user name in the Users Management list.

By default, the first 200 characters of the user note will be displayed, and a 'read more' link will be added to show the complete note.

The display of the notes will also be limited by the first separator "---" found inside a note.

In the Simple User Notes plugin settings you can change the number of characters to show as an intro for the notes in the list. You can also set whether to insert a separator after clicking the 'Insert Date/Name' button.

Core User Notes

By default Simple User Notes removes links to the core Joomla! User Notes system, such as the backend Menu Items and 'Add a Note' buttons.

If you want to use both Simple User Notes and the built-in Joomla! User Notes side-by-side, you can disable this parameter within the Simple User Notes plugin settings.


Simple User Notes comes with a few settings, giving you control over how it works and behaves.

Here is the full list of the options you can find in the Simple User Notes system plugin settings, inside the Behaviour tab:

Show Notes in List Select to show the notes in the user list view.

Options: No, Yes
Max Length Set the maximum number of characters to show as an intro for the notes in the list.
A 'read more' link will be added to show the complete note.

Default: 200
Add separator on Insert Date / Name Select to add a separator every time you click on the 'Insert Date / Name' button.

Options: No, Yes
Remove Core User Notes Links Select to remove the links to the core user notes views.

Options: No, Yes


You can either install Simple User Notes by using the core extension manager available in the Joomla! Administrator Control Panel, or by using the powerful Regular Labs Extension Manager.

Note: When updating Simple User Notes, you do not need to uninstall it first. The package will update all the files automatically.

Keep in mind that when you update to a major new version (or uninstall first), you might lose some configuration settings.

Regular Labs Extension Manager

It is very easy to install/update any Regular Labs Extension using the Regular Labs Extension Manager.

Please see the Tutorial for the Regular Labs Extension Manager for more detailed information...

Joomla! Extension Manager

To install via the Joomla! Extension Manager, just follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Joomla administrator;
  2. In the menu, choose: Extensions >> Extensions;
  3. Choose the tab: Install from Web (or enable it if you haven't done so yet);
  4. Select the search field and enter Simple User Notes and hit enter;
  5. Click on the Simple User Notes listing;
  6. Click on Install;
  7. Click on Install to confirm.
Joomla! Installer - Install from Web

Or if cannot install via the 'Install via Web' method for some reason:

  1. Download the extension install file (.zip);
  2. Log into your Joomla administrator;
  3. In the menu, choose: Extensions >> Extensions;
  4. Choose the tab: Upload Package File;
  5. Click on the Choose File button and select the extension zip;
  6. Click on Upload & Install.
Joomla! Installer - Upload Package File

If you have problems installing Simple User Notes, please try the manual installation process as described here: docs.joomla.org/Installing_an_extension