NoNumber is now Regular Labs!

NoNumber is now Regular Labs

So the big news: NoNumber has stopped!

Don't panic, all NoNumber extensions will continue, just under a new name.

NoNumber will from now on be named: Regular Labs

Why a new name?

After more than 8 years, I have finally decided to ditch the name 'NoNumber'.
But why? What is wrong with that name?

Well, there are a number of advantages to the new name 'Regular Labs':

  • Regular Labs actually says something about what I do
    The 'Regular' part has different meanings, from being proper, orderly and methodical to something being done over and over again. But it is also a reference to Regular Expressions, which is something I use a lot in my code.
    The 'Labs' part for me says something about how I work. Most of my extensions have started out as little experiments, little creations, that have incubated and grown out to something useful for many people.
  • I have the .com domain name
    I have the domain name, but also a lot of other interesting domains.
    Seeing my business is aimed at an international audience, the Dutch domain name makes little sense. I would even dare to say it hurts my business.
  • I have the twitter handle
    Yep: @RegularLabs
    Instead of the clunky @NoNumber_nl

Any other changes?

Most things will remain the same. But there are some other minor changes:

  • New website
    Of course, the website - now - has changed to accompany the new name.
  • New logo
    NoNumber >> Regular Labs
    The logo has become a little fresher. I dropped the gradient and it now features a light bulb.
    This style change is also reflected in other elements of the website, like the extension logos.
  • New extension releases
    All extensions have had a new major version release, to use the new company name and such. 

What about your current NoNumber subscription?

Have a NoNumber subscription? No worries. Your subscription simply continues under the new Regular Labs name and website.